An Electric Guitar for Christmas Album Review by Andrea Guy

An Electric Guitar For Christmas is the most recent album by Thailand's Nellyka. The album consists of twelve holiday favorites.

If you are a fan of Trans Siberian Orchestra, you'll like Nellyka's holiday album. She takes your typical Christmas carol and she makes it rock, hard!

This album is all about great guitar playing. Sure there are other sounds on this album, but the only one you need to pay attention to is the guitar. Nellyka brings new life to songs like "We Three Kings," "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "Angels We Have Heard On High."

Electric guitar isn't an instrument that makes you think of the holidays. When you think Christmas, you think organs, harps and bells; electric guitar, not so much. What Nellyka does on An Electric Guitar For Christmas is add a little spice to the songs that we all know and love.

Like Trans Siberian Orchestra, she doesn't change the arrangement of the songs. She doesn't do anything fancy to make them unrecognizable to the listener. Instead, she plays her heart out and lets Christmas rock a little.

Nellyka's guitar work will have you air guitaring along. There are a few times during "O Come All Ye Faithful" when you might be tempted to do some head banging.

"Joy To The World" is the perfect song to open the album. The melody is one that seems to suit the guitar perfectly.

This album definitely puts Christmas music in a totally different perspective. "Jingle Bells" rocks harder than "Jingle Bell Rock" ever did, and so does "Deck The Halls."

Nellyka tries just about every carol that listeners are familiar with, including "Silent Night." Her guitar wails on this track in such a way that the song doesn't lose the reverence that it should have. "Silent Night" is a more serious song, so gone are the more playful riffs that you'll find on many of the other carols. That same reverence can be found on "The First Noel" as well.

Nellyka knows which songs she can have fun with and which should retain their dignity. That gives us an album that is equal parts fun and equal parts serious.

If it is fun that you are looking for, "O Christmas Tree" is the song that you are looking for. The riffs are playful and upbeat. They make you want to get out the ornaments and start decorating your own tree.

The riffs on "Angels We Have Heard On High" will leave you breathless. The opening chords of "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing," come across as dark, but once the main melody kicks in, the song perks up.

An Electric Guitar For Christmas may be an instrumental album, but it will not be cloistered with the rest of the staid, quiet albums that can easily turn into background music. The songs on this album jump out and start a party all by themselves, and they've brought eggnog too!

An Electric Guitar For Christmas is a welcome addition to anyone's holiday music collection. It is different, while at the same time being traditional. There is something on this album for everyone who loves the music of the season.

Nellyka's guitar will get you into the Christmas spirit, whether it is one week until the holiday or three months. You can play this album at home for your own listening pleasure, or at a party to get everyone talking, because this album will start a buzz.

If you are looking for something to spice up your holiday listening, An Electric Guitar For Christmas is definitely the album for you to choose.

Artist: Nellyka
Album: An Electric Guitar For Christmas
Review by Andrea Guy

Rating 5 (out of 5)

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